Product Features

The IZHNEFTEPLAST company produces low-adhesive electric submersible centrifugal pumps (ESP) with working parts made of heat- and acid-resistant polymer composite materials (PCM).

Modern PCM used in pump manufacture impart unique properties to low-adhesive ESPs and allow our customers reducing oil production costs for its main elements:

  • Expenses for equipment purchase;
  • Operating expenses;
  • Costs of ESP repair;
  • Expenses for additional necessary well repair and idle time.

Complete set of low-adhesive ESP:

1. Working stages of low-adhesive ESPs of “Combi” series consist of polymer impellers and combined diffusers with polymer flow part. Working stages of low-adhesive ESP of “Base” series consist of polymer impellers and solid powdered-metal or cast diffusers.

2. In order to reduce vibration during shaft rotation, intermediate bearings are used. They are set in points of maximum amplitude of shaft sinusoidal vibrations.

3. Gas-resistant ESPs in the beginning of the first section are completed with dispersing stages with open-type polymer radiaxial impellers.